Why Vape Herbs?

30Dec - by Dark Vaper - 0 - In Herbal

herbal vaporHerbal medicine has existed for more than 6 centuries. So this isn’t a new idea by any means, but using a vaporizer to consume them and reap the benefits is something relatively new.

Herbalism is considered an alternative medicine and not recognized by the medical community as scientifically tested, but much of modern medicine is derived from herbal discoveries. There are many benefits to be realized from the use of herbs for treating physical and mental conditions.

Why “Vape” the herbs as opposed to eat, drink tinctures or infusions, smoke or apply as a balm? Well, it depends on the herb and the situation but generally speaking it’s just easier, quicker and more efficient for certain herbs. Let’s look at Green Tea as an example. Yes, you can make and drink the tea, or you can take green tea pills. But vaping organic green tea leaves will more quickly allow the active compounds such as the antioxidant polyphenols and alkaloids including caffeine to be consumed. And smoking rather than vaping is just bad for any herb due to the carcinogenic compounds introduced. Adding natural herbs to other medicines such as cannabis can have amazing effects to the flavour and impact due to terpenes in the herbs.

What is most important is knowing what herbs are best used and which are not with vaping. Not all herbs benefit from this technique and some can even be very harmful. For instance, vaping or smoking coffee beans or grounds can be a really bad thing. So educating yourself is the first step and that’s why we built this reference site.


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